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How Encore works

1. Bring your clothes, footwear, jewellery and accessories in and we will look through and choose what we think will sell...we accept every day except on Saturdays.

2. There are 3 pay-out options to choose from...

OPTION A: You will receive 45% of the net price (exclusive of GST).  You may collect the money as cash if below $80. All payments over $80 will be paid via bank deposit at your request. Any unsold items will be returned to you.

OPTION B: You will receive 50% of the net price on the condition that any items unsold after further reduction will go straight to charity. You may collect the money as cash if below $80. All payments over $80 will be paid via bank deposit at your request.

OPTION C: You will receive 55% of the net price. The money will remain in your account to purchase items from the store. This option is locked in for an initial 12 month period. Any unsold items will either be returned to you or sent to charity at your request.

Please let us know when dropping off stock which option is your preference.

3. All items should be presented to our stockroom clean and on hangers or folded carefully. Please check for any marks, stains, holes and fading before bringing pieces to us. Shoes must also be clean and in perfect condition. Ask for a copy of our Brands We Do Not Take sheet for your understanding.

All luxury designer items require authenticity papers to be sold as such.

4. We list items for approximately 12-14 weeks. All items will initially be sold in our Encore Ponsonby store with a later opportunity for sale in Encore Wellington and/or Encore Greytown at our discretion. After 4 weeks items will be reduced by 25-50% in price.

5. Please keep your receipt docket in a safe place as you must produce if there are any issues.  All goods are accepted at owner's risk. Please understand that we make every endeavour to safeguard your items, however we cannot be responsible for theft or damage to your items.

6. Please be aware that we may still reject some items after initially being taken due to unseen marks, tears or unsuitability.  We will email you in these cases and you have 2 days within which to collect these rejected items before we dispose of them. Any items that require drycleaning will incur a $25 handling fee. Steaming will be charged at $2 per item.

7. If you wish to pick up any item before the expiry date, we would ask that you find the item in the store and bring to the counter, so that we can take off the security tag and process the return in the system. Any items in our Greytown or Wellington stores can be returned to Ponsonby at your request and will be ready after 10-12 working days. 

8. If you are on either Option A or Option C, any items unsold after their time in store will be bagged up and we will contact you to collect. Once you have received our contact, you will have 2 weeks to collect your goods. After 2 weeks, items that have not been collected will be passed on to charity. 

9. We will only contact you via email unless requested otherwise. It is therefore important that you check that you receive our email and notify us if you haven’t.

10. It is vitally important that you keep in regular contact regarding your items and to ensure that you collect any unsold items.

11. Online payments are processed on a Monday from an ASB account. Transfer time will depend on your own bank.

We thank you for your custom and look forward to being of service!

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